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Since Axer was founded in 1999, we have built thousands of homes, and we have over 3,000 plots in our residential property portfolio. We have also developed 70,000 m² of commercial premises, and we manage a large commercial property portfolio. 


Are you looking for an Employee?

We develop properties with a goal of being innovative and finding the best solutions. When you buy an Axer property, you will get great quality suited to your needs. We have built more than 1,000 properties since 1999, and we possess strong professional expertise. 

In addition, you will experience Axer as a friendly group of people who are honest, inclusive and committed in everything we do – to find the best solutions for everyone.

Our Values


Axer is characterised by our innovative ability to find new solutions. We will never get locked into one way of thinking. We always consider a wide range of solutions before making a decision. And we know that you find the best solutions by involving both customers and business partners.


At Axer, we like what we do and the people around us. We aim to have a culture where we are engaged, enthusiastic and dedicated. We strive to provide quick feedback and find solutions that generate progress. Working with Axer should be both positive and constructive.


Axer is trustworthy. We will deliver as agreed and strive to conduct structured and transparent processes. Honesty, reliability, and integrity will provide the predictability we aim for.